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Our mission at M&C Cairo consists of bringing new, unique, fresh, clever, and creative concepts to life while putting them on the market in a non-conventional manner. We are determined to provide our clients with the business results they seek, as we offer a different and global concept of creation and advertising. With the elaboration of "Clever Communication", we are able to set their name apart from the crowd.


Egyptian at heart, global in performance, M&C Cairo strives to be recognized as one of the most innovative, devoted, and productive advertising agencies on the Egyptian and Levant markets. Our agency will become the ideal creative partner for any company, institution, organization, public organism, and political party or figure, eager to manage their marketing and communications in a particularly effective and clever way.


Our system of values consists of five strong pillars: creativity, excellence, professionalism, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. These words are behind each step wemake. These values are present in each brainstorming we lead, each contact we establish, each relationship we maintain, and each delivery we make.


As an integrated advertising and communications agency, M& C provides its clients with a complete range of creative services and marketing solutions, thus ensuring an effective spread of their messages and a better reach of their targets. We take pride in delivering unrivalled passion as well as an attentive and impeccable client servicing

that is equal to the service provided in a 7-stars hotel.

We have created great success stories of brands and products we service, which as a result have lived in the hearts and minds of generations. We took the time to help our clients to grow and change with the changes in the market. We also carefully studied the consumers’ habits and helped those same clients’ products to become and remain leaders in their respective categories.

This is why our group has been a leader in the fields of communication and advertising for the last five decades.

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M&C Cairo, M&C Cairo Network, and M&C Africa are the media & communications subsidiaries of the Cairo-based private equity Inventure Group.

Founded in 2004 and is now one of the biggest independent creative network agencies in North Africa.

M&C Cairo Network is engaged in the provision of a full range of advertising services, including marketing, branding, naming, digital, print, outdoor, direct marketing, public relations, strategy planning, and lobbying.

We also offer collaborations with influencers, bloggers, and celebrities.

Other services include the creation and provision of business vision, market research, research agency, brand portfolio management, and talent management.

As well as our production services, which includes finished art and production, video & animation production, management studio, projects/sports/events & entertainment sponsorships, product & location design, media planning & booking, communications, measuring campaign efficiency, think tank, strategic advice, ATL, BTL, and online through interactive advertising, social media, social influencers and bloggers agency, digital strategy, web design, broadcast media, content marketing, mobile marketing, mobile VAS (Value Added Services), integrated mobile strategies, IPTV, data analysis, mobile and apps development services.


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